Washer sizes

Faucet washers come in a variety of sizes from a variety of vendors, and have done so for many years. These sizes are expressed in different ways as well. I have tried to collect information on how this all works and document it. Note that this table contains some inconsistencies - different vendors give different information, and I've included all of it - this is why 1/4M is listed twice, at two different sizes, for instance. The fractional sizes have suffixes, S for "small", M for "medium", and L for "large". R appears to mean "regular", and is the same as having no suffix, which is why I have R in parenthesis below.

number sizefractional sizedimension in inches/32"/64"BrasscraftKorky
000L 29/64mauve
000 15/3230/64 lt brown
00 1/4S 1/2 16/3232/64grey
0 1/4M 17/3234/64red dk blue
1/4(R)9/1618/3236/64green dk green
1/4M 37/64tan
1/4L 19/3238/64blue dk purple
3/8(R)5/8 20/3240/64orange grey
3/8M 21/3242/64pink violet
3/8L 1/1622/3244/64purple orchid
1/2(R)3/4 24/3248/64yellow hot pink
1/2L 25/3250/64aqua/lt greenteal
5/8(R) 3/1626/3252/64brown yellow
5/8L 29/3258/64lilac
5/8L 5/1630/3260/64 lt blue
1 32/3264/64tangerine
1-1/89/8 36/3272/64lt blue